Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Game Changer

What's up?

This is probably something I wouldn't post in my site because I like to keep this exclusive for outfit ideas (and the like) But since I realized that I should just share my thoughts and not care about what others may think (I know others may be judging me by saying " Go put it on Tumblr, not on your website) --so if you don't wanna read it. LEAVE.

I came across this famous international blogger Essena Oneill, she deleted all her social media accounts and left us with the link to her (Website -Now who the hell is Essena Oneill? She's an inspirational fashion/lifestyle blogger who speaked out the truth about social media and how it made her life UNREAL. By "unreal" she actually meant it like #FitnessGoals not being goals at all because she grew up with a slim body and she didn't really have to work extra hard to become thin.

Essena's words really hit me to the core. (Not that I'm anyone famous with 500k followers who think I'm #goals) But I'm also a victim of feeling appreciated only when social media approved of it. Feeling contented with myself only when I get a hundred likes on Instagram. All these things came to me like knives stabbing me to try even harder to become better looking and fit. I would do everything to lose 10 pounds as fast as I can. I tried slimming pills and risked my health for that. But I guess I'm over it. I just want to be me. I still like to lose my extra pounds but not because I like others to praise me for having a fit body, but because I wanna do it for myself, and not for others. Because I want to be healthier not so I could post a bikini picture.

The best way to probably start this GAME CHANGER thing is to go back to where I fiest started appreciating myself. I started blogging way before it became a trend. I started blogging because I like expressing my thoughts online through writing. I always thought that it would ruin my website if I would post stuff like this. But I shouldn't care what others think because this is my website and I should be real and not some girl who's just trying to put a website for the sake of it. Because I know very well that I wasn't like that before blogging decided to be mainstream and all these so called "bloggers" post empty blogposts filled with pictures and not with words. That's why I would write and post it on my private tumblr account, so that no one could see it. But I'm sooo done trying to be who I'm not. I'm so done trying to please others.

#MYFIRSTGAMECHANGER move is to post more of my thoughts here rather than filling this website with photos from shoots and not even telling them how I felt at that moment, because some moments are just good to be shared than to be filtered with words that would look pleasing for the eyes of others.


  1. You are beautiful! hayaan mo silang mag judge and do whatever the fuk you want. You go girl! :) <3

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