Sunday, June 14, 2015

#ThrowbackWithLouise - 6/14/15

Another #ThrowbackWithLouise post because I have been on hiatus for too long.

These are some of the pictures I took when I was gone. Some important scenarios for the past few months (January-May) My laptop is currently broken and the only way I was able to put up this post it through Blogaway App. Blogger isn't compatible in the Phillippines, it would have been easier for me to use that app than this one. Heading over to what this post is all about, let's take a sneak peek to what happened to me while I was gone

1. (Top left picture) This is a picture of my latest camera, Samsung WB100. It's not a DSLR but it's a good camera specially for it's 36x optical zoom feature, I could take detailed pictures from a far. One thing that I also love about this camera is that I can take really nice macro pictures. Although you have to be really patient because it's not that easy to use even if it's a digital camera, you have to be patient in understanding it's features to make the best out of it. I've used this camera in some of my photoshoots and Instagram pictures. Sadly, I had to sell it because I really needed a new phone.

2. (Top right) This is me with one of my blogger friends Ellah Quieta [] I've posted a shoot before with this lovely gal who's based in Cagayan De Oro. She actually went twice this summer but we didn't get to meet the first time she went back because we both had conflicts on our schedules. Luckily, she went back this May and we spent the day together. We ate at Zarks Burger's, Katipunan, I had to let her taste Zarks because they don't have that in CDO and trust me, Zarks is one the best! After having lunch at Zarks, we satisfied our sweet tooth with sweet tea from Bo's Coffee. This girl is so outrangeous she went all the way from CDO - Manila - Baguio just to see his boyfriend who's currently studying at PMA. Hope to catch up with Ellah soon once she visits manila again. Always a good time to get to know people from the other side of the country.

3. (Middle left) This is a picture I took from my Iphone 5s which only lasted with me for less than a month, yes. I didn't even get to enjoy the Apple life, and it had to leave me so soon in the most unfortunate way. It got stolen when I was riding the LRT on my way to school. I really cried my heart out for being so careless and putting it in my pocket. You should always be careful specially when you're commuting. This post is actually related to no.1, the reason why I sold my camera. It wasn't a proffesional camera and I would soon need a DSLR too, so I decided to sell it and bought myself this Samsung s5 that I'm currently using.

4. (Middle right) This picture was taken on my one and only get away this summer. Me and my friends went back to Daranak Falls and discovered that's their's another falls that's just a 5min hike from Daranak which is named Batlag Falls. I love going on roadtrips like this specially when you're riding a car with a sunroof #wooot If you guys haven't been to Daranak yet, you're surely missing half of your life! Daranak is located in Tanay, which is just a 2 hour drive away from Manila. Entrance fee for Daranak Falls is P50 ONLY, and P100 for Batlag Falls! It's the best get away for those who are in a tight budget :> Plus you get to experience swimming in the streaming falls of Daranak/Batlag.

5. (Lower left) Classes ended in April and because I'm already transferring to De Lasalle College of St.Benilde, their classes begins in the 2nd week of August. I had 5 months of summer and the best thing I could do to be productive is to find myself a summer job. I am very picky in the job I want to take because I want it to be related to the course I'm taking, so I would also learn and have experience in the field. Unfortunately, all the job offers I got were companies based in Makati or Manila which is very far from my place, others weren't even part time (I don't wanna risk my summer because as some of you may know, Lasalle has no summer break) I didn't get any job this summer but fortunately I found something new to sell in my online shop [ Instagram: @louiseootd ] and those were Neoprene Bikini's or as we all know as Triangl Dupes/Replica's they really have good quality and a lot of designs to choose from. I earned a lot because of this buisness, hence, I became a little bit busy during summer because I was back and fort to the bank and I was 24/7 online to entertain my customers. It was all worth the effort. One more thing is that Zalora Marketplace has offered me a partnership where in I'll be selling my bikini's with them at -unfortunately, I declined the offer because my bikini's weren't on-hand with me and I don't have the starting money to buy all the bikini designs for Zalora (it would cost me a fortune to get all the designs on-hand)

6. (Lower Right) I know flat lays has been a thing now. And trust me, I'm never good with it. Can you imagine that picture composed of oatmeal + hat + makeup.. pardon me, i don't even know what to put in a flat lay. But here's one friendly tip that I discovered myself. Usually upon making flat lays, you would like a plain white background (or any color of your choice, I just preffer white cause it makes the color of the objects pop) now you don't always have a plain white floor/table/bed sheet right? What I do is I use a clean white cartolina paper, I take pictures near the window to provide good natural lighting and a little bit of shadow in the picture. What's sad is I can no longer make good looking flat lays like the one shown above because I already sold my camera. When I do flat lays lately, I really need to go out of the house, lay the cartolina on the ground and do my thing (hassle!) Having a good camera is a real must have if you want to achieve a good flat lay.

Ending my blog post here, I hope you guys had fun reading about what happened to my life lately. I'm planning to post beauty tips soon!

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