Saturday, December 14, 2013


It's always nice to eat out with your family in the perfect diner every once in awhile, last Saturday I went out with my family and ate at Conti's, everyone just gotta love Conti's! There food are the best and totally on the top of the line!

^ This is a picture of the meal I ordered which was American Grilled Ribs with Mashed Potato. The meat was perfectly cooked and instantly caught my eye with the presentation of the food.

^ What's a perfect meal without desert right? I had a Mango Bravo for desert! It was really like a taste of heaven! I was actually lucky that the party I attented the day after this was catered by Conti's and they served Mango Bravo to the guests as well, you could imagine how my tummy was bloated for 2 days lol! Good thing the dress I was wearing wasn't a bodycon you could imagine what would I look like with a big stomach in a fitted dress :o Fashion disaster! 

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