Saturday, December 14, 2013

Alone time isn't always a sad time!

I don't think that being alone is sad. (Well it actually depends on the situation lol) But when it comes to a time when I wanna go out but all my friends are busy or have no time for a chill-out, I take the time to go to Starbucks have a frappe and a desert and read a book. But this time, since I didn't have any book with me, I read a book at Powerbooks, I love how the atmosphere there is quiet and you could actually concentrate on reading. The Book I read was The Last Present by Wendy Mass, I didn't get to finish the book since my boyfriend was already there to fetch me for our date. But I got to half of the book! I should definetely get back someday and buy this book or at least finish the book lol.

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