Saturday, December 14, 2013

Keep it Vintage

To start of, I would like to apologize for my delay of posts on blog. I know how outdated my blog may seem right now. I just can't find the time to transfer every picture in my laptop and blog about it every day like other bloggers. But I do post my favorite pictures and some important / memorable events on my blog right away. So I'm sorry if I'm very outdated! But thank you for the 1117 views for my blog wee! It's flattering that people actually take time to view my posts even if it can be so none sense sometimes. Much love to my readers! Right to the blog post: I've always love vintage. It always looked appealing to me in some way. It always had that conservative kind of look since it was actually originated in the 80's or 70's. What's funny is how it's taking it's way to fashion right now in 2013! Can you believe it? We can finally see how our mom's teenage clothes that was never thrown away be useful! Lol! This dress was actually my mom's when she was a teen. Yes, it's a hand-me-down skater dress. Who would've thought right??

Here's a better view of my outfit.
It's good to put a little bit accent to your outfit, so you should add a more vintage-y effect to it like adding a bit brown to your outfit. Plus my bag which I got from Jovanni when it was on sale last Christmas and my shoes which I got from Primadonna!

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