Tuesday, November 12, 2013

That Primadonna Shoes!

I'm sorry that this has to be a grabbed photo from Marianne Rivera, I actually checked out Primadonna's Facebook page but I can't find a good picture of this heels. But you have to admit they're amazing! I'm a shoe lover and I always fall in love with shoes, I swear I have to buy them as soon as I get my eyes on Primadonna's lovely pumps. But unfortunately, me and my mom hasn't been going to the mall together lately. But I've seen this pair a couple of times at Eastwood City. I'm hoping I could still buy these pair next week or at least have it picked out directly from the Primadonna factory since my cousin is the owner of Primadonna Shoes but I know I don't always get what I want lol! But this would totally be the best Christmas Gift! Classic white with gold heel? Isn't is just perfect? My boyfriend must be tired of always accompanying me in Primadonna outlets. I swear, if they have in the mall, I would certainly check it out! It's a must have, I swear! And knowing Phillippine Fashion Week also used this heels for their runway makes it more overwhelming to be in one of these lovely babies!

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