Saturday, November 9, 2013

Another night-date at Fort

First of all, we didn't really plan on going out last night. We were supposed to go to Closeup Forever Summer but we didn't get to buy tickets, and at late notice we decided to chill somewhere that night. And btw, Closeup Forever Summer was moved to Newport Mall but then it was re-scheduled ( no exact date given yet ) ; So thumbs down to those who are supposed to attend. I was also shocked because I was BGC that night ( where the said event was supposed to happen ) was really planning to pass by the place to actually see the event but nothing was there.

So, to actually start with this blog post. We went to Fort and just chilled and ate at Mercato. Well actually we were sitted at the bleachers in front of the Soccer Field. Oh and funny thing about the night was I saw a guy I used to have a crush on, well the feeling was mutual.. it was really funny because we were walking around BGC when he passed by me and I wasn't looking at first I was talking with Josh then when I actually looked in front we kinda stared at each other, lol. And Josh was too cute to actually act like he's having tantrums because I complimented the guy. At first the night was actually boring and it would be wrong to go clubbing because we don't have company and our friends were busy. But as time flies it was actually a good night. The fresh air and the surroundings made the night so lovely that it would be wasted if we wouldn't make the most out of it.

I just gotta love my hair in this picture even thought I don't like my face (I look retarded here lol) If you could notice my hair actually looks kinda of a Red Medium Blonde here which was actually the hair color I tried to achieve when I had my hair colored but unfortunately the Medium Blonde was more emphasized than the red, the red color of my hair is actually only seen in the sunlight and was only effective in the first 3 months of my hair color. But never the less, I'm actually gonna have my hair dye again by the end of March or by summer. I'm not sure yet because I'm planning to get my hair dyed Bloody Red by Manic Panic which only lasts for atleast a month. Then after that I would go for Skwazerskoft's Ash Brown which a bit of blonde in the bottom, the hair color would be descending in color as it lightens through the bottom part.

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