Wednesday, November 6, 2013


Nights aren't always peaceful & quiet. 
Sometimes even the most silent nights are the ones that bring up our loud thoughts. 
Thoughts that you might not want to remember; Memories perhaps.
It's like the truth crawls under our skin at the night and fades with the rising sun. It greets us like an old friend when the sun falls. It might be good memories, bad one perhaps. Memories of the past that you've forgotten for some time but now you're stuck in bed reminiscing every single moment you've tried so hard to forget. But hey, this #latenightthoughts are what we live for. We have to stop from all the stress in this world sometimes and have time for ourselves and think about how much has happened or how you could have done more when you still had the chance. It's not a burden to experience these things. It's actually a push forward to your future. It's for you to realize things that would improve yourself. And if you're scared, darling.. don't be. Because I was also one of the girls who cry in these moments of despair. I would spend all night crying and ranting about people who hurt me and put me in the situation where I am. But now, when I've learned how to put the wrong people aside and take time for myself until love (specifically) will find it's way in me, I found peace. And yes, I still have these kind of nights, but these nights aren't spend anymore for ranting and hating. I actually spend this time being thankful for what I have. Planning things for the future that I want to do, dreams that I want to achieve. And giving myself confidence and self esteem that before I was one of those girls who saddens myself in this late hour, but now I'm one of those girls who would send my love one messages while he's asleep just so when he wakes up he'll put a smile on his face like the way he has put one on mine. 

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