Friday, April 12, 2013

Why judge?

What's wrong with a girl on makeup? People are often judge because of how they dress, how they put on their makeup. Basically, they're often judge by their physical appearance. Pesonally speaking, I'm one of those people. I love mix and matching clothes, I also love fixing myself, from my hair to my face. I don't get the point why people see it the wrong way. So what if I put on makeup? Does that make me a slut? What if I put on make-up because I love make-up time. I love how you put art on your body and it's not just about looking pretty. It's about looking decent. I don't deny that " simple is beautiful " It is, beautiful. But other people love it when they just sit there in front of the mirror and do some art to make them look more beautiful. To actually satisfy theirselves from this world full of insecurities.

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