Saturday, April 13, 2013

DIY: Croptop From A Sweatshirt

This DIY was inspired by Ericka Villongco's top where I found at Topshop which was about 1700 I think? Well let's just say it's around one thousand and above which is really expensive for just a crop top. I know Topshop's really over priced but their clothes are really amazing. Well yeah, I didn't got the chance to buy the croptop like Ericka has, but then mom went home from China and bought me a cute white sweatshirt that looked exactly like Ericka's but wasn't cropped. Here's a picture of Ericka with her top

I know, she's hot and her top really is adorable. So I decided to cut my shirt and make it look like this, and this is how it turned out: 

Now it looks exactly like hers except for my body and well I would like it to be a little bit longer than Ericka's because I don't want to be too revealing ... but hey, this is really a nice way to copy an outfit that your favorite celebrity is wearing! 

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