Tuesday, December 30, 2014

#ThrowbackWithLouise -Year End Blog Post

It's Wednesday today.. but since I want to motivate myself this coming 2015 to update my blog more often, I've decided to have this " #Throwback with Louise " atleast once every two weeks, I'll try to update weekly but I'm fully loaded with school works & plates.

1.) This was taken from my photo shoot with my ultimate favorite photographer, my love, Josh Mateo. I was supposed to have a photo shoot with one of my blogger friends but I lost contact with her because we kept on rescheduling dates & our time doesn't seem to meet :( Sad. But I'll surely have more free time after the break, and since Josh isn't here in Manila right now, I have no photographer with me yet also, So no more shoots this break yet.

2.) I am just in love with this black pieces. I bought this Quilted PU Skirt from Zalora ( www.zalora.com.ph ) use discount coupon: ZBAPQ2FR to get 15% discount on your first purchase. No expiry & transferrable! Just use a different email to avail of the discount if it's not your first purchase ;) #easytweezy! This sexy pointed heels is from Primadonna, I got it for free since my cousin is the owner of Primadonna. I'll post my Primadonna collection soon here on my blog!

3.) I know everyone's in the boots fever this past few months! Everyone must be on the search for that perfect pair. I'll share you some of my ideas where you can buy those perfect booties! Doc Marten's has combat boots to die for if you just want an everyday wear kind of boots, trust me I've had combat boots and I love it! They're really comfortable to use and it makes me look taller! Zara, Topshop, H&M also sell different kinds of boots that are really to die for! Also, you really need to save up for it because they're somewhat pricey! Ranging from 2k-3k. However, I found online shops that sell rare kind of boots that are really fashionable! I don't memorize the names of the shops, but you could just go to Instagram and search #bootsph and there you'll see a variety of online shops that sell boots that are super cheap and friendly to your wallets, ranging from 300-1000php only! Talk about how much you've saved? Now I don't do this often but I got the hang of Thriftshops also! One time I had to accompany Josh somewhere and I was bored so I decided to check this thriftshop around the place and I actually found a pair of Zara Silver Oxfords! #SUCHASTEAL the price is actually just 200php! Now that's what you call smart buying! However I don't recommend buying clothes from thriftshops for hygienic purposes.

4.) These are some of my favorite artworks that I've done on my free time. Ttust me, I enjoy painting/drawing when I'm bored but I'm very lazy when we're required to do it. I'm not always passionate or in the mood for art so my artworks that I've done out of boredom appear to look better than my graded plates.

5.) This is one of my favorite pictures with my camera. I'm using Samsung's D150 with 25x optical zoom. I love this camera because its handy and easy to use. Unfortunately, I don't use it as often anymore because it's too heavy to bring it everyday to school, like I don't see anything worth the effort to capture everyday and I sometimes commute going to school so it's really hard to bring a lot of stuff I don't really need because I also bring a load of art materials everyday.

6.) My weight has really been an issue to me lately. I'm really insecure with my weight because I have big thighs and as a blogger, some outfit won't look good on you if you don't stay fit. I went to the gym for 3 months but I stopped because I became busy and now I just found out that I gained almost 4 pounds and I'm trying to go on a diet again and I'm actually drinking Biofit Tea every night to help me lose those unnecessary water weight. And by the way, those are my favorite training shoes, my Nike Dual Fusion.

7.) The next picture was my latest photo shoot with my model friend, Isabel Pablo. Unfortunately, I still don't have all the pictures with me because e-mail won't do the job in sending me all the pictures, so I have to wait for Josh to come home from the US for me to share with you guys the pictures from that shoot.

8.) This is one of my unexpected and semi fail shoot with Josh. Fail because the sun really made it hard for us the whole shoot, I actually don't have a lot of close up shots because I couldn't make a facial expression with the sun hurting my eyes. Also one fact that makes me declare it as a fail shoot was we only had 7 good photos after, lmfao. We didn't stay long because the sun was not only destroying the pictures but it was also irritating how it was very hot.

So this is the end of this blog post, thank you so much for taking time in reading this.

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