Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Collaboration with Blogger Ellah Quieta (@elleur)

This was really an unexpected thing for me. I found Ellah on Instagram via the popular's page, where someone I'm following might have liked her photo. It was fate that bought me to her Instagram account. (lol) I never really had a collab-photoshoot yet with any blogger-friend. I followed her Instagram because I saw that she has really nice feed, and I immediately messaged her asking her if she wants to have a collab-photoshoot with me. She agreed but unfortunately she lives at Cagayan De Oro (which is a plane ride away from me) so there was no way we're going to see each other. But luckily, she got invited to Forever 21's Fashion Week and she wen't here in Manila for a week; hence we were able to meet with each other and have this photoshoot. I also invited one of my new blogger friends, @candytesoro but she wasn't able to join us because she was busy, but maybe I could catch up with a shoot with her soon :>

Place: Bonifacio Global City
Photographer: Joshua Mateo ( #MatsyPhotography on Instagram)
Ellah Quieta's blog: elleur.tumblr.com

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