Monday, February 24, 2014

Simply, Inevitable

To be honest, all the pictures posted are all candid. I find it really awakrd to pose fiercely in my photoshoots so I really ask whoever's taking my pictures to take as many as they can while I'm randomly trying to put myself up. That's where I usually find my best photos. Plus they appear so natural. 
Nothing's really special bout my outfit today, I bought my midriff and shorts from an online shop on Instagram. I would focus on my Denim Jacket here. 

This is a Denim Jacket I bought at Abercrombie in my childhood days. Yes, in my childhood days, you read that right. I don't know if it was actually long for me before that's why it appeared as if it's short. But it's funny how the sleeves are still long. It flatters me to think that it still fits, now I feel thin. Lol! 
I wasn't really suppose to use it this way, the first time I saw this I was planning to cut it and make it a vest but I figured everyone's using that nowadays and I don't wanna be in the mall and be faced with someone who's wearing the same outfit as mine (bummer!

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