Saturday, December 21, 2013

Blue Glitz nail polish from Bobbie!

Honestly, I don't know how to start off with this blog post. Who would actually blog about nails right? (ME) Exactly, Lol. But since I realized that I always post my nail polish pictures every time I change them I think it would be nice to blog about it. To start off, this isn't any expensive/imported nail polish, it's just a local brand Bobbie. You can't see the actual details of the nail polish but it's really great cause it has really big glitters when closed up. I actually hand a nail polish from Chic that was a matte finished and you could actually feel the glitters on it even when you add on a top coat! And it dry's off easily and lasts for at least 2 weeks! It's actually nice to find trendy stuff from your local outlet stores which you can buy cheaper nail polishes than those of Face Shop or Etude (which I am also guilty of buying lol) but whenever I just need a new one right away and I'm too lazy to go to the mall I just by at Puregold which is like 2 blocks from my house and they actually have good nail polish products!

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