Friday, September 6, 2013

Happy Anniversary!

Yes, we made it! I know my previous posts before I went on Hiatus we're really emotional.. I was really depressed the past few months but I got back on track by June just didn't got the time to update my blog since I'm busy with a lot of plans with my friends and some school works. I surprised Josh for our Anniversary cause I figured it's time for me to pay off all the things he's done for me, so I decided to go to UA&P and ask the guards to help me. But then again, we got lost lol! Took off at the nearest Mini Stop to arrange the things we're going to do and on our way to UA&P we got lost, we walked for very long before we decided to ride a taxi and look for it. 

This is me walking down Ortigas Lane with these balloons! 

My friends, Marella Nepomuceno, and Ven Castaneda who helped me do this suprise! So thankful for them, waking up at 7am just to help me lol!

Photo Credits: Ven Castaneda

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