Friday, September 6, 2013

College Dreams

The so called famous USTET happened last Sunday. The test was actually easy.. hoping I could pass the USTET, I'll be taking CFAD Advertising. Also, taking my second choice on DLS-CSB For Multimedia Arts / Fashion Design. But I have my issues with CSB for the image of the school isn't that nice these past few years. But SoFa ( School of Fashion ) Institute is really one of my prefferred colleges for Fashion, also it would be cheaper than CSB but it has a good image in the fashion industry, they have a store in Powerplant exclusive for there College students and Alumni where they could sell their own design of clothes! But then again, the school offers the course for 2 years and I think this school would only benefit me if I take it after I graduate UST/CSB. Hoping for best results in UST Advertising. 

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