Thursday, April 11, 2013

Dream On, Dreamer!

I guess fashion was really in me since the day I was born. It's like I was born to be a model. My life as a toddler was spontaneous. I go to VTR's already as a kid, I had auditions for commercials. Let's just say, my mom saw something in me. I see something in myself. I may not excel that much on my studies, but I did excel on something; and that was on pampering myself. I love fixing myself from head to toe, ALL THE TIME. The only place you'll see me absolutely ugly is at home. Well every supermodel has a place where they could be themselves. ( I know what you're thinking, I'm not a supermodel.. yet. ) Well, I'm hoping to be one soon.

It all started with these photoshoots! You'll send pictures of yourself to different companies, and if youre lucky, you'll get chosen to be one of there models. Whether it's a Commercial or a Fashion Show.

Here are some of the pictures from Great Image that were sent to the companies I've auditioned on.

Luckily! I was chosen to be one of the models of the Anniversary Fashion Show of Napoleon, Napoleon holds many brand like, Dickies Girls & Boys, Zigzigi, Nap Attitude, etc. Here are some of the pictures of the Fashion Show, well I get to work with the most loving and kind people I've met in the fashion industry.

From left to right: Me, Girl 1, Reverie Perez, Rose Marie, Michelle Vito, Bea Labao

Here's the co-models I was closest with.

Here's the finale picture where all the models had the ending ramp.

Side pictures of the fashion show, while I was ramping.

My solo shot.

Now, this girl who I was with is Camille. She's one of my cousins, she's like 10yrs older than me but that didn't hinder us from having this close bond. She was always there to support me in my Fashion Shows. 

With my co-models at the back stage!

This is the picture I love most, the shot was like the one I see in buildboards for Barbie. Lol this was taken just before we had to go ramp on stage.

I think anyone could dream, and most of all anyone can achieve there dreams! So Dream On, Dreamer!

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