Monday, April 28, 2014

Nature Calling

We took a stroll around UP Diliman aka the perfect place to chill and for a nature filled photoshoot! Was supposed to go to Fort but we decided to take a different place for this one. We weren't really planning to do a photoshoot but he can't resist me lol. Good thing I brought my camera with me, you never know when you could pull out a good photoshoot right? Besides I can't stand not to blog about what I wore yesterday. There's nothing much about this outfit. My Denim Jacket as seen in my previous post is from Abercrombie, my Sheer Top is bought at Bangkok and my Skirt is bought online, my Gold pointed flats are from Tomato. I searched everywhere where can I buy these flats. I saw some online shops selling this kind and I was actually going to buy it even though it was pricey! I really fell in love with it. Primadonna also released flats like this but sadly I didn't get to buy one. Just when I was going Christmas Shopping I found these lovely babies at Tomato!

^ Had time to edit my bangs here cause they were having window bangs lol and my lips were pale as white so I had to look for an editor where I can add some color to my lips. Goodthing ribbet editor has them!

Me and Josh wore matching Denim Jackets. Thanks love for being my Photographer again today!

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