Sunday, March 30, 2014

Hollywood Presents: Memoir before Au Revoir

Our last dance as a senior before we all bid our ways goodbye. It was one good night as we all dress up in our long dresses, had all prepped up just for that one night that we all will remember for the rest of our life. The ball was a stag party. Yes, I'm studying in a exclusive school for girls so you could imagine how strict the teachers would be in terms of having dates to the ball. I don't wanna go much on the details. But the after party wasn't much of a blast either. Went to The Fort with some friends and slept at a hotel, went home at around 12am midnight the next day because of Unleashed by Lasalle! Animo party was the best! It was a mood turner from the somewhat " not so turn up " after party. Here's my dress from Forever 21 and I have my mom's friend sew me a sheer long skirt to make it appear as long dress but see through to have some style. It's not obvious in the pictures since it's all filtered.

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