Saturday, September 7, 2013

Real Love Conference

This is my #ootd for the day.

The conference was really great it talked about sex, and basically all about sex. Lol no kidding. It's about chastity and the importance of Marriage first and how you should respect your body and let people do the same towards it. He told a story about his friend, A Jock, that wanted to court this beautiful conservative and not liberated girl.. the conversation goes

Girl: Do you really want to court me
Boy: Uhmm yeah what's to lose?
Girl: If you want to court me, you should first ask my father's permission
Boy: Oh okay, I'll go ask your fathers permission. 
Boy: Okay done, what's nexT?
Girl: You should read this 500 pages of a book about chastity.
Boy: Oh okay, I'll read that.
Girl: Next thing is, if you really want to date me, you should not kiss me, or do anything sexual to me.
Boy: Okay fine, got it.

* And the they eventually ended up marrying each other. 

Guess what this really has to say is that we need to value ourselves and our body so that we might eventually find true love. Or if you did had sex / you already lost our virginity their will always be a second chance. Cause our God is a God of second chances.

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