Saturday, April 13, 2013

A skirt, over a dress!

The corset I'm wearing here is actually a dress that my cousin bought for me in Bangkok, I've used it a couple of times as a dress but I don't like how it fits me in the bottom part because it's not a pencil skirt. I decided to wear the dress because it's floral and it gives that summer look but I decided to put on a lace skirt on top of it to add accent to my outfit. Also this skirt is see through with a skirt lining inside making air come in to the inner part of the dress perfect for that summer dress and the hot weather.

I was supposed to wear my yellow wedge from Primadonna that's really in for that summer look that I want to achieve but then I saw these pair of heels that I only wore once, which was in prom. It's actually bigger than me because it's size 9 ( I'm size 8 ) but it was the last stock, and I just had to have it because it was the perfect heels for prom that certainly matched my dress, my purse and my accessories.

Special Thanks to my Photographer for today: 

Kyle Bagos

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