Monday, April 29, 2013

A Love Letter

To the guy I fell in love with,

Eight months.. eight months of being together. It doesn't seem that long knowing I've been through a 1 year and 5 months relationship before; It's naive that those 8 months seem longer. Eight months of constantly making each other happy and fighting over series of problems. There were times were we almost fall off the edge. Times where we just wanted to let go, despite what we feel for each other. Sometimes I ask myself if love really is enough. Is love enough to save a relationship that's been going to the same problems for eight months? Is love enough to save someone who's hurting? Let me remind you that with love, comes pain. I've been dreaming about a lot of things lately. Nightmares, I should say. One was that you went to Tagaytay with your ex girlfriend with your nephew. I woke up crying that night. Another was last night, I had a dream that you and your ex girlfriend were hanging out again, and that you threw me a " Sorry " party but she was invited. Those two nights was the worse nights of my life. Waking up in tears and full of hurt was the worse part about it. Now, I'm in the edge again. And I'm constantly asking myself is love ever enough? Will love help us get over the pain we're going through? Days are getting colder. And as I end this letter, I'm still bound with a question mark in my heart.. and I hope you'll help me answer that question. Or anyone who'd be reading this letter help me answer that.

Your lover, Louise.

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